Voice Over Work

     In addition to sound design and mixing, I am also available for hire as a voice actor. I have been doing VO work over the last several years (and have wanted to pursue it as a career since childhood) but I am now seeking professional representation. So, please let me know if you need me to lend a voice! I'd be happy to help. Above is my current "Character VO" reel and below are just a few examples of past work. Please contact me at matthew.m.schwartz@gmail.com with any questions or opportunities you may have. Or you may book me through my Voices.com page if you prefer.

Past VO Work

(more to come)

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 2.57.25 PM.png

Root Armor

(Rob Himebaugh)

This is an ad for a gardening product called Root Armor. I voiced the Gopher! And did the sound mix as well.

Gay Taco Bell

(The Merkin Bros)

This is a Taco Bell FAKE commercial for The Merkin Bros that went HUGELY viral. I did the sound design as well as the ending VO.

Pilsen - Garage Band

(Juli Fernandez)

This is a beer commercial for Pilsen (Peru) that I did the VO for. They directed me to go about as low and slow as I could. This is what we got. They were happy!

Jarthur the Alien

(Tyler Holtman)

An animated series about a friendly alien. I play "The Blob King" in the episode in which Jarthur returns to his home planet. Jump to 3:20 to see my full scene.

Spirit Blossom

(Jeff Cohn)

This is a snippet from a short film I sound designed called 'Spirit Blossom'. I also voiced the female radio reporter in this scene.

Hormel Compleats

(Mike Bernstein)

A Commercial I voiced for Hormel. I played the deep-voiced Hormel box.

Cops on Bikes

(Cameron Clark)

An animated pilot about bike cops who want to be taken seriously. I play the main character "Chuck".

Hippo Chris

(Justin Simien)

An animated series about a hypocritical hippo who learns lessons the hard way. I voiced the main character.