Features & Shorts

Please check my IMDB for more credits! Below is a small collection of the films I have done.

Buck Alamo

Buck Alamo

Ben Epstein (2020)

A feature film about an aging Austin, TX musician and his literal and figurative dance with death. Did all sound design and Re-record mixing for the film. Official Selection of the Oldenburg Film Fest.

Workplace Short

The Workplace

Carlyn Hudson (2021)

Short Film. A dystopian workplace dark comedy film. I did all sound design and mixing.

The Night Sitter Poster

The Night Sitter

J. Rocco & A. Bruhn (2019)

A horror feature film about a Christmas eve gone horribly wrong. I did all the sound design and re-record mixing for the film. Multiple festival participant and winner. Now Available on streaming services everywhere.

Tim Timmerman

Tim Timmerman

Cameron Sawyer (2017)

Feature Comedy about a high school  president doing whatever he can to win the Hope of America award. I did the sound design and theatrical mix. Available on VOD.

Opening Night Anthony Rapp

Opening Night

Jack Robbins (2015)

Feature Film about the opening night of a high school theater production. I did all of the post production sound as well as the Production sound. Available on VOD.

Something Like Loneliness

Something Like Loneliness

Ben & Seth Epstein (2019)

Short Film about neighbors Mia and Dan bargaining over their favourite sounds, captured in food storage containers. Vimeo Staff pick, Short of the Week, SXSW selection.

Heathens and Thieves 

J. Sinclair & M. Peterson (2010)

​Western noir feature film. This was my FIRST feature length film to sound design. I did all sound design and the mix. Not on this trailer. Avail on VOD.

Bozo Short Film


Mike Bernstein (2017)

Short film about a guy consoling his ex-girlfriend after a death in her family. I did the sound design and mix. Watch and enjoy!

Active Shooter

Active Shooter

Jacob Tannenbaum (2018)

Short dramatic film I sound designed about a man learning his son may be a school shooter. Over 10 million+ views on Youtube!

Alex Short Film


Jack Robbins (2018)

Short film about meeting your self. Was a Vimeo Staff pick in 2019. I did the sound edit, and mix.

The HideBehind

The Hidebehind

Parker Finn (2019)

Short thriller film about a man lost in the woods who comes upon a mysterious creature. Did all post-production sound design and mixing.



Jessie Kahnweiler (2020)

Short horror film featured on Hulu's Huluween. Did all post-production sound design, editing, and mixing.


Laughing Matters Sarah Silverman

Laughing Matters

Mike Bernstein (2019)

Documentary short film about depression in the world of stand up comedy. I did the sound edit and mix for the film.

Tangier Documentary


Jeff Cohn (2018)

Short Documentary about Tangier Island: The soon-to-be first US victim of climate change. Was accuired by and featured on the Atlantic. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 10.12.55 PM.png

Mentally Al

Josh Edelman (2021)

Feature Documentary about comedian Al Lubel and his fascinating life and career. Did all sound editing, design and mix.

The Chain Documentary

The Chain

Scott Weintrob (2013)​

Take Part Media (Participant) documentary webseries about kidney transplant chains. Did all post-production sound design and mixing. (5eps. total)

June Bride

June Bride

Derek Shimoda (2015)

Feature length documentary about the lives of former members of the Yakuza in Japan. Did all post-production sound excluding this trailer.

Undeniable Joe Buck

Undeniable w/Joe Buck :

Ben Epstein (2016-Present)

A Behind-the-Scenes  series for DirecTV called Script to Screen going behind the scenes of the show Undeniable on the Audience network. I do the production sound for all of these segments as well as the GoPro photography.

Meghan Tonjes

Starmaker: Meghan Tonjes

Ben Epstein (2013)

A 13ep. reality-webseries about Meghan Tonjes' journey to get in shape and make her career happen in LA. I did all of the production sound and post-production sound for the series.

Jeff Kaufman (2010)

Amnesty International doc, urging for the release of american prisoners in Iran. I did the sound design and mixing.

Free Shane and Josh

Kobe Bryant

Kobe| LA Mission

Derek Doneen (2012)

Take Part Media's web-series discussing the issue of homelessness in Los Angeles. Did sound the sound design and mix for all episodes (5 total).

Blake Webber Doc

Blake Vapes: Viva las Vapegas

Ben Epstein (2015)

Mockumentary short film about self-proclaimed "Vapor-god" Blake Vapes and his exploits in Las Vegas. I did the production sound, sound design and produced the film.

Its All Possible McLovin Dave Franco

It's all Possible!

Brian McGinn (2013)

A travel-documentary series following Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse on an action packed cross-country adventure. I did the post-production sound for the series.


Robert Greenwald (2014)

A feature length documentary about America's ongoing drone wars. I did all post-production sound design as well as mixing. I did not, unfortunately, mix the trailer. 

YETI Jordan Shipley

YETI - Melk

YETI (2016)

Mini-Mocumentary in which former NFL quarterback Jordan Shipley shares with the world his new passion / product: Elk Milk. Released April Fools day. Did sound design and Mix.



Wolfgirl NBC


Mike Bernstein / NBC (2016)

Comedy pilot about a girl raised by wolves joining society as an adult. Did the sound design and mix.

I ship it Promo

I Ship It

Yuling Kuang / CW (2019)

Television Series for the CW about a fangirl getting a job in the writers room of the show she writes fanfic for. Did all Post-production sound.

Truth Slash Fiction

Truth Slash Fiction

Daniel Schloss / Lionsgate(2018)

TV Pilot about a girl who is joins a group of writers creating racy fan fiction about her favorite boy band. Did all production sound and sound design.

Ultimate Ultimate

Ultimate Ultimate

Jack Henry Robbins (2017)

Mocumentary Series about a DJ competition and it's competitors. I did the sound mix and design for the full series. I did not record the production audio.

Retreat Jessie Kahnweiler George Basil


Jessie Kahnweiler (2020)
Hulu "Huluween" Short about a girl at a meditation retreat. Did the sound design and Re-Recording Mix.


Just Doug

Just Doug

Dan Chen (2017)
TV Pilot about an Asian-American actor trying to maneuver Hollywood. I did the sound design and sound mixing.