Commercial Work

KeKe Palmer Affirm
Overstock Commercial

Affirm - #GiftsNotGotchas 

Alpen Pictures (2020)

This is a holiday commercial campaign I mixed and designed for Affirm. There were 9 total spots and I provided the sound mix, design, and delivery for all of them.

SmallAx (2016/2018)

I have done audio post on multiple campaigns for The above is part of the first run (the second is on TV now and not available online). 

Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 3.40.20 PM.png

Mattel - Internal Spots

Cameron Clark (2014)
Animation. 3 spots I sound designed for Mattel's internal use. Did all SFX, sound design and mixing for the 3 animated spots you will find in this link.


Smurfs Build-a-bear

Build-a-Bear: Smurfs!

Mike Bernstein (2013-16)

Animation. One of the nationally televised commercials I did for Build-a-Bear Workshop.  I sound designed and mixed the spot.

Gay Taco Bell

Gay Taco Bell

The Merkin Bros (2015)

This was a fake Taco Bell comercial I did for some friends of mine that went MAJORLY viral. I did the sound design, mix, and the ending VO is me.


Netflix Gun City

'Gun City' Trailer for Netflix

Netflix (2018)

I did the mix (not design) for this trailer during a short contract with Netflix. Mixed here in stereo and was also delivered in Surround sound. 

War Dragons
YETI Jordan Shipley
Fiat Italians

War Dragons 

Glass and Marker (2018)

Commercial / Trailer for the mobile game War Dragons. I did all of the sound design and mix for this and other spots for War Dragons.


YETI - Melk

YETI (2016)

Mini-Mocumentary in which former NFL quarterback Jordan Shipley shares with the world his new passion / product: Elk Milk. Released April Fools day. Did sound design and Mix.


Fiat: Backseat Italians

Sergio Cilli (2013)

This is a Funny or Die commercial spot I sound designed for Fiat. It reached "Immortal" status on FOD, and was chosen as one of their funniest videos of the year.


Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 3.45.58 PM.png
Wayne Brady Kroger

WANdisco Fusion

Warren Harper (2015)

Commercial for the technology company WANdisco. One in a series of several videos. I did the sound design and the mixing.


Kroger - Brady Cookoff

Funny or Die (2020)

This is a Kroger branded spot I did for funny or die feauring Wayne Brady. Did all the Dialog cleanup and Mixing.

Web Content 

Control Room Mekki Leeper

Control Room w/ Mekki Leeper

Comedy Central (2019)
A webseries / Pilot prankshow starring comedian Mekki Leeper. In this first episode he created a fake company selling used tissues. I did all the Post Audio!

Making a Skate video


AwesomenessTV (2018)
A webseries in it's 6th season, Betch is a sketch comedy show with an all female lead cast. I have done sound design for a bunch of different episodes over the years.

Making a Skate Video

Thrasher/Kyle Goodrich (2018)
A web sketch, with views in the millions, about the making of a skate video...which is totally fake. Did all sound edit, design, and mix.


US Web series

US: The Series

Dan Chen (2015)
8 Episode web-series about a couple who 
fights to stay in love while their lives are scripted by omnipresent writers. I sound designed and mixed the whole series.

Jarthur The Alien

Jarthur the Alien

Tyler Holtman (2014)

Animation. A Web-series about the adventures of Jarthur the Alien. I did the sound design for the last three episodes of season 1 and all season 2.


Science of Happiness

The Science of Happiness
Mike Bernstein (2013)

An 8 episode series for SoulPancake studying what makes people happy. Sound designed all episodes.

Kenny G Jon Daly

Kenny G is My imaginary Friend

Brian McGinn (2013)

This is a Funny or Die video I did sound design for, featuring Jon Daly (Kroll show) and his imaginary friend...Kenny G.

Seth Rogen Bryan Cranston

FOD: Seth Rogen is the Worst

Van Robichaux (2013)

Aired on Funny or Die. This was a promo spot for Seth Rogen's non-profit 'Hilarity for Charity' s event. I did the sound mix & design.

Boyfriend is a Robot

My Boyfriend is a Robot

Chloe Searcy (2017)
Comedy Web-series for FREEFORM about a girl and her robot...boyfriend. Did the sound design for a few episodes.


How To do Everything Animation

How to Do Everything! 

Dave Pressler (2014-15)

Anmiation. Dreamworks animated series in which two robots teach you how to do everything...sort of. I did all of the sound design and mixing for the series.


Wolfgirl NBC


Mike Bernstein / NBC (2016)

Comedy pilot about a girl raised by wolves joining society as an adult. Did the sound design and mix.

I ship it Promo

I Ship It

Yuling Kuang / CW (2019)

Television Series for the CW about a fangirl getting a job in the writers room of the show she writes fanfic for. Did all Post-production sound.

Truth Slash Fiction

Truth Slash Fiction

Daniel Schloss / Lionsgate(2018)

TV Pilot about a girl who is joins a group of writers creating racy fan fiction about her favorite boy band. Did all production sound and sound design.

Ultimate Ultimate

Ultimate Ultimate

Jack Henry Robbins (2017)

Mocumentary Series about a DJ competition and it's competitors. I did the sound mix and design for the full series. I did not record the production audio.

Retreat Jessie Kahnweiler George Basil


Jessie Kahnweiler (2020)
Hulu "Huluween" Short about a girl at a meditation retreat. Did the sound design and Re-Recording Mix.


Just Doug

Just Doug

Dan Chen (2017)
TV Pilot about an Asian-American actor trying to maneuver Hollywood. I did the sound design and sound mixing.