Commercial Work

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Zenith Live 2018

Glass & Marker (2018)

This is a spot I did for a tech conference through Glass and Marker. I did the sound mix, VO clean up, and design. No recording.

SmallAx (2016/2018)

I have done audio post on multiple campaigns for The above is part of the first run (the second is on TV now and not available online). 

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Gay Taco Bell

The Merkin Bros (2015)

This was a fake Taco Bell comercial I did for some friends of mine that went MAJORLY viral. I did the sound design, mix, and the ending VO is me.


Jordan Shipley: Melk

YETI (2016)

Mini-Mocumentary in which former NFL quarterback Jordan Shipley shares with the world his new passion / product: Elk Milk. Released April Fools day. Did sound design and Mix.


War Dragons

War Dragons 

Glass and Marker (2018)

Commercial / Trailer for the mobile game War Dragons. I did all of the sound design and mix for this and other spots for War Dragons.


BABW: Smurfs!

Mike Bernstein (2014)

One of the nationally televised comercials I did for Build-a-Bear Workshop.  I sound designed and mixed the spot.


Cameron Clark (2012)

Nationally televised comercial for a tax relief service. Did the sound design and mix...and donated my likeness!

Mattel Internal Spots

Cameron Clark (2012-14)
Animated video series (3) I sound designed for Mattel's internal use. Did all SFX, sound design and mixing for the 3 spots you will find in this link.


Fiat: Backseat Italians

Sergio Cilli (2013)

This is a Funny or Die commercial spot I sound designed for Fiat. It reached "Immortal" status on FOD, and was chosen as one of their funniest videos of the year.


Web Content 

The Science of Happiness
Mike Bernstein (2013)

An 8 episode series for SoulPancake studying what makes people happy. Sound designed all episodes.

Kenny G is My imaginary Friend

Brian McGinn (2013)

This is a Funny or Die video I did sound design for, featuring Jon Daly (Kroll show) and his imaginary friend...Kenny G.

US: The Series

Dan Chen (2015)
8 Episode web-series about a couple who 
fights to stay in love while their lives are scripted by omnipresent writers. I sound designed and mixed the whole series.

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AwesomenessTV / Go90 (2018)
A webseries in it's 6th season, Betch is a sketch comedy show with an all female lead cast. I have done sound design for a bunch of different episodes over the years.

Making a Skate Video

Kyle Goodrich (2018)
A web sketch, with views in the millions, about the making of a skate video...which is totally fake. Did all sound edit, design, and mix.


Jarthur the Alien

Tyler Holtman (2014)

An animated Webseries about the adventures of Jarthur the Alien. I did the sound design for the last three episodes of season 1 and all season 2.


My Boyfriend is a Robot

Chloe Searcy (2017)
Comedy Web-series for FREEFORM about a girl and her robot...boyfriend. Did the sound design for a few episodes.


How to Do Everything! 

Dave Pressler (2014-15)

Dreamworks animated series in which two robots teach you how to do everything...sort of. I did all of the sound design and mixing for the series.

FOD: Seth Rogen is the Worst

Van Robichaux (2013)

Aired on Funny or Die. This was a promo spot for Seth Rogen's non-profit 'Hilarity for Charity' s event. I did the sound mix & design.


Wolfgirl Promo.jpg


Mike Bernstein/NBC (2015/16)

Comedy pilot about a girl raised by wolves joining society as an adult. Did the sound design and mix.

I Ship It

Yuling Kuang (2019)

Television Series for the CW about a fangirl getting a job in the writers room of the show she writes fanfic for. Did all Post-production sound.

Truth Slash Fiction

Daniel Schloss / Lionsgate(2018)

TV Pilot about a girl who is joins a group of writers creating racy fan fiction about her favorite boy band. Did all production sound and sound design.

Ultimate Ultimate

Jack Henry Robbins (2017)

Mocumentary Series about a DJ competition and it's competitors. I did the sound mix and design for the full series. I did not record the production audio.

Just Dougie

Dan Chen (2017)
TV Pilot about an Asian-American actor trying to maneuver Hollywood. I did the sound design and sound mixing. Pass: Justice1


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