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Post Production Audio Services

(  Sound Design, ADR,  Tracking,  Foley, & Mixing)

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Welcome to

  My Studio, soon to be officially re-named OWL POST, is a post-prodution audio facility and recording studio that can do it all. It is located in Sherman Oaks, CA off of Burbank Boulevard. It is a versatile 400+ square foot space that can comfortably fit your team or band.


  The gear is state of the art, and the room is quiet and temperature contolled. Whether you are trying to track a song, record a live performance, capture ADR for your film, record narration or foley, to do a regular stereo mix, or even a 5.1 Surround sound mix: I can handle it! Please call or email me from my contact page to inquire about pricing as it varies depending on the nature of your needs and the duration of your stay. Let me know how I can help, or if you'd like to rent the space for yourself. I would love to have you! Thanks.




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UA 710, Universal Audio, Twinfinity
Nick Woods drumming for the Woods Brothers @ Owl Post.
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